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Plastic recycling

Mono-fraction plastic waste is a starting material for high-grade secondary raw materials and, as regrinds, almost reach the product characteristics of new granules. In that way cycles are completed and natural resources are conserved.

We purchase production waste, semi-finished products or sprues as well as remnants of granules and at the same time offer you disposal concepts specially tailored to your company needs.

Our service includes as required, besides the takeover of plastics, also the provision of the tanks, collecting systems or other packaging systems required for collection as well as the handling of the 

From your plastic waste we produce high-grade regrinds or we carry out straightforward contract grinding for you in accordance with your requirements and deliver dust-free regrinds produced from your waste back to you again.

Please address inquiries concerning plastics that we purchase, as well as regrinds that we sell, to our 
Head of Plastics Department.

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