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Substitute fuel production

We produce qualitatively high-grade substitute fuels from production specific and high-calorific commercial waste. At two locations in South Germany we operate treatment plants for commercial waste with an annual capacity of 140,000 t. Moreover, we hold interests in two other plants with a further capacity of 70,000 t.

In the input we distinguish between production wastes of adhesive composite papers, plastics and textiles and/or a combination of these materials. Moreover, we accept high-calorific fractions from different pre-treatment plants. You can find an exact description of the input waste which we can accept and utilize under 
Waste utilisation.

Quality assurance system permits long-term secured sales of the substitute fuels and hence long-term disposal certainty for the producers of waste. At the same time, with the supplying of our customers in line with requirements we provide a secured fuel supply.  You can find the description of our quality assurance here.

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