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Location Heidenheim-Mergelstetten

Our location in Mergelstetten, in the immediate proximity of the A7, is located on the works site of the company Schwenk-Zement. We have been operating a substitute fuel treatment plant with two lines and a capacity of 120,000 tons/year there since late 2007.

In the plant, ultramodern separation equipment is installed in order to separate the impurities and pollutants still present in the high-calorific fractions.

Disposal companies, treatment and splitting plants are our clients. Pre-sorted high-calorific commercial waste, high-calorific value fractions as well as mixed plastics from the dual system form the input mix for our high-grade substitute fuel. It goes without saying that we also accept production-specific commercial waste.

Our plant rules and a signpost through the site of the Schwenk cement works to our treatment plant can be found via the links listed below. Deliveries to Mergelstetten are only possible with a delivery note with a barcode. Coordination and approval for delivery are carried out via our location in Bissingen. It is from there that you also receive the delivery note.

ELM Ersatzbrennstoff GmbH & Co. KG, Hainenbachstr. 32, 89522 Heidenheim-Mergelstetten



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Below you can download our plant rules for the delivery of waste as well as a signpost to our treatment plant (only in german available).

Plant rules


Signpost to the treatment plant


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